A50BHL Ultra light 50g Super Torque Low Profile 19KG 0.073sec Servo Motor

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A50BHL Ultra light 50g Super Torque Low Profile 19KG 0.073sec Servo Motor

This is one of the much-loved low profile servos with ultra light body and super high torque up to 19KG.

Designed with strengthen stainless steel gear, the performance is even great under harsh situation.

So A50BHL is highly recommend for all on-road off-road 1/10 RC cars requiring a powerful compact servo.


SERVO A50BHL  Control System Pulse width modulation control,1520uS / 333Hz

SERVO A50BHL  Operating Voltage 4.8V ~ 8.4V

SERVO A50BHL  Operating Temperature -15C°~ +70C°

SERVO A50BHL  Torque

13kg.cm     At 4.8V

16kg.cm At 6.0V 

18kg.cm At 7.4V 

19kg.cm     At 8.4V 

SERVO A50BHL  Unload Speed

0.110sec / 60° At 4.8V

0.095sec / 60° At 6.0V

0.083sec / 60° At 7.4V

0.073sec / 60° At 8.4V 

SERVO A50BHL  Unload Current

300mAAt 4.8V

350mA At 6.0V 

390mA At 7.4V 

430mA At 8.4V 

SERVO A50BHL  Loading Current

2200mA  At 4.8V

2600mA  At 6.0V 

3000mA  At 7.4V 

3200mA At 8.4V 

SERVO A50BHL Dead band 2 uSec 

SERVO A50BHL  Limit Angle 200°

SERVO A50BHL  Angle 55°±5°

SERVO A50BHL  Direction CCW             

SERVO A50BHL  Motor Drive FET Drive        

SERVO A50BHL  Motor Type Brushless        

SERVO A50BHL  Angle Sensor Potentiometer     

SERVO A50BHL  Signal Digital            

SERVO A50BHL  Programmable Yes       

SERVO A50BHL Bearing Metal           

SERVO A50BHL Gear Material Steel,Titanium    

SERVO A50BHL Output Gear 25T-φ5.92mm      

SERVO A50BHL Case Material Aluminium AL6061T6

SERVO A50BHL Horn Type Plastic 

SERVO A50BHL Waterproof --

SERVO A50BHL Dimension 40.8*20.2*26.1mm

SERVO A50BHL Net Weight 51g (no including accessory)


Gauge 22AWG

Length 180±5mm 

Negative Red  

Positive Black

Signal Grey